The Winter Golf Academy At Sunningdale

For 2020/2021 Dates and Rates, click [ HERE ].

General Signup Now Underway for both New and Returning Academy Members:  The Winter Golf Academy Registration is open for both new members and those returning from last season. To signup for the ACADEMY online,
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Caring For Your Safety While At The Academy
For the 2020/2021 Academy season, new safety measures will be in place to ensure Academy member's safety. To review our Covid-19 safety protocols, click [ HERE ].

What is the Winter Golf Academy?
Your Professional Staff at Sunningdale have come up with a unique way to incorporate teaching and training over the winter months, on-site here at Sunningdale. The program includes:

- An indoor practice area with 5 hitting spaces (mats)
- Ability to reserve mat times daily up to 8 days in

- Apple iPads for Video Swing Analysis by on-site staff
- Full use of all training aids
- Separate Putting Area with its own training aids
- On-going swing guidance and coaching with your Teaching Professionals


How does it work?
Members book mat time (at 45 minute intervals) by using our online MatRez system or by calling the Academy. A Teaching Professional is always on hand to give you guidance during your booked time. Walk-ins will be accommodated if space allows.
All the training aids and Professional Instruction are available each time you visit.  We can review your video swing analysis at the Academy, or we can also email your analysis to you!

Training Aids at The Academy - Included with Every Membership

The Swing Caddie SC300 will be available in ALL hitting bays. This device measures Carry and Total distance, Launch Angle, Swing Speed, Ball Speed, Spin Data and Apex.
See more about the [ SWING CADDIE ].

Computerized Video Swing Analysis:
We can display your golf swing in real-time video on an iPad or iPhone, in slow motion, frame by frame, comparison or overlay, to easily identify areas that require improvement. Studies have shown we all learn best through visual feedback and teaching aids.
Interested in viewing your swing video at home? We can email your analysis video to you!


200 sq,ft. Synthetic Putting Green:

Our custom putting area allows you to work on your putting stroke with your professional staff, with the ability to attach additional training aids such as the Putting Arc Trainer. 

The ""Putting Arc" Trainer
Custom Putting Area   


Returning for 2020/2021: Premium Coaching Program and Resources
As an option, the Academy offers a comprehensive Coaching and technology review of your swing and ball flight, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and methods, and spanning 6 personal training sessions. These 4 key areas are added to our regular Training Aids and Methods:

TRACKMAN 4 BALL FLIGHT ANALYSIS: Want to “see” ball flight, instead of just striking balls into a target? TrackMan 4 is the most powerful, accurate TrackMan ever. Dual Radar Technology guarantees maximum data quality. We now have the ability to track putting as well!


BODITRAK BIOFEEDBACK: BodiTrak delivers real-time balance and pressure distribution data, information previously limited to force plates. An athlete's use of the ground is critical for maintaining balance and generating power.

Please contact Mark or Marc to add this premium program to your WGA membership. Space is limited. $425.00 + HST added to your selected membership plan
- Mark Elliott:
- Marc Webster:  


2020/2021 Academy Dates and Times
15 weeks, beginning Tuesday, November 17th, 2020 and ending Saturday March 13th, 2021 (with a Christmas season break from Dec 20th to Jan 2nd). All Academy memberships (except the November-December Program) are for the full season, with no time restrictions.

2020/2021 Hours of Operation
FALL: (Nov 17 - Dec 19)
  9:30am-2:30pm & 4pm-8pm
WINTER: (Jan 3 - Mar 13)
Saturday, Sunday & Holidays:
  9:30am-2:20pm & 4pm-8pm

2020/2021 Academy Programs & Costs

 Sunningdale Member
15-Week Program 
15-Week Program
   Single: $425.00
  Couple: $750.00
  Junior: $350.00
 Single: $500.00
Couple: $850.00
Junior: $400.00


 Sunningdale Member
Nov-Dec Program 
Nov-Dec Program
 Single: $250.00  Single: $275.00
  Note: All program fees are subject to HST.


Our Academy Teaching Team


  Mark Elliott
Teaching Professional

Mark is one of two Canadians certified as a Golf Professional, Golf Medical Professional, and Junior Coach by the Titleist Performance Institute. An expert in golf fitness and preparation, Mark has considerable experience designing programs that optimize results.

Mark's short game experience includes time with Sir Nick Faldo, James Sieckmann, Dave Pelz, Bob Vokey, Dave Phillips and Frank Thomas.


  Keegan Knight
Assistant Professional

 Keegan joined Sunningdale's team as an Assistant Golf Professional in 2017. Keegan is a graduate of the Professional Golf Course Management program at Humber College and had been working at Greenhills GC for 3 seasons. He is a member of the PGA of Canada and has earned his "CLASS A" designation.


  Justin Tomasulo
Associate Professional

As a 12-year PGA of Canada Class "A" Teaching Professional, Justin joins the WGA with a warm and friendly demeanor, helping make learning more enjoyable. Justin brings his Teaching experience from Emerald Hills Golf Club, Wyndance Golf Club, DiamondBack Golf Club and recently Greenhills Golf Club.

Justin is a graduate of the Professional Golf Management Program at Georgian College and actively competes in Pro Am's throughout North America.


Cancellation Policy
For a full refund, cancellations must be received prior to November 17, 2020. Cancellations after November 17th and before December 19th will be subject to a $50.00 administration fee and prorated for the weeks attended. Refunds will not be given to cancellations received after December 19th, 2020.

Dress Code
Proper Sunningdale golf attire is requested.

We look forward to a great winter season at the Academy.   See you there!