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Sunningdale Member One-Time Registration Instructions

All members will need to perform a one-time registration in order to access the members-only area of Sunningdale's new website. Enter your Member Number, First Name and Last Name as they appear on your account statement.

Important Note: all member numbers at Sunningdale are at least 4 digits in length - if your member number has less than 4-digits, you will need to add LEADING ZEROS to make it at least 4 digits long (eg. if you normally think of your member number as 123, you will need to enter it as 0123 with a leading zero - member number 25 would be entered as 0025). Additional family members other than the primary member will have a LETTER on the end of their 4-digit member number, such as 0123A, 0025B, etc.

When you have completed all three fields, click VALIDATE. You will be directed to the next page where you will choose a new Username (to replace your old SunnREZ ID, which is no longer being used) and set your new Password.
If you are having trouble registering for your initial account signup, please send an email anytime to [email protected] with your name and account number, or call our support staff at 519-660-8063 ext 231 during the day.
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