Winter Activities: Walking and Cross Country Skiing At Sunningdale

Walking and Cross country facilities are for the use of Sunningdale's members and their guests only. To see the maps of the three pre-marked trails, click [ HERE ].

The beautiful grounds of Sunningdale that we see as lush and green in the golfing season are transformed in the winter months into an equally beautiful white vista of snow, hills and trees.

Many members choose to continue to enjoy our grounds throughout the winter by either walking or cross country skiing through our course.  While this is not an official member service, we are happy to facilitate any members who may want to enjoy this healthy past-time.

Tim Webb and his grounds crew have laid out three trails through the course that give give both walkers and beginner, intermediate and expert skiers a marked trail to follow.  We ask that all walkers and skiers STAY ON THE MARKED TRAILS in order to safeguard safety as well as ensure that sensitive areas of the course (greens, tee boxes, ponds, etc.) are avoided and left undamaged.

Please be aware that NIGHT WALKING OR SKIING IS NOT SUPPORTED, nor is walking/skiing allowed on a day that the clubhouse is not open, since the gates at the parking lot may be locked (even if the gates are open by maintenance staff when you arrive, they may get locked as soon as those staff leave, and we wouldn't want to lock your car IN).

To see the maps of the three cross country trails, click [ HERE ].